7 Things to Know About Moving to Muskoka

Muskoka is a beautiful region located in Ontario, Canada. It is a popular destination for tourists, and many people also choose to make it their permanent home. Here are seven things to know before moving to Muskoka:
  1. The Weather: Muskoka experiences cold winters and warm summers. It is important to be prepared for extreme weather conditions, including snowstorms and heavy rainfall.
  2. Housing Costs: Housing prices in Muskoka can be high, especially in popular areas. It is important to budget accordingly and do your research to find the best deals.
  3. Employment Opportunities: Muskoka is primarily a tourist destination, and many jobs are seasonal. It is important to research employment opportunities in your field before moving to the area.
  4. Recreation: Muskoka is home to many lakes, forests, and parks, making it a great place for outdoor activities like hiking, boating, and fishing.
  5. Healthcare: Healthcare services in Muskoka can be limited, and it may be necessary to travel to nearby cities for certain medical procedures or specialists.
  6. Transportation: Muskoka is a large region, and having a car is essential for getting around. Public transportation options are limited, especially in rural areas.
  7. Community: Muskoka is a close-knit community, and it is important to get involved and connect with your neighbors to fully experience all the region has to offer.


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