Best Realtor in Burlington, Ontario

Being a Realtor in this (wild) market, is like being a pilot in a turbulent storm.

A Great Realtor cannot go on autopilot.

We must stay laser focused to what is happening in the market.




Being a sponge for information, I can attest to this daily habit of continually learning about the real estate market in Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario.

Intense, Local, Real Estate Market Knowledge is important in any market, and especially now, where listings are few and far between.

A Realtors sphere of influence should be large enough to lean on when there is minimal inventory.

I am proud of being dialed in, and leverage my network to find properties that are not publicly advertise for sale.

I like to reverse engineer the home buying and selling process, and being with the end in mind.

Where would you like to live?

Let’s start with that location, and perhaps yield a potential homeowner who might be interested in selling!

I am always looking to expand my sphere of influence, including transaction related vendors like lawyers, appraisers, contractors, designers, stagers, cleaners, mortgage lenders, and more!

Visit my Business Partner Directory to find the right person for your next job around the house:

Yes. Serving clients in 2021 enables me to share the tools, technology, and platforms to transact at the speed of light.

I know how to automate and quickly execute an offer for sale or listing agreement on the fly.  

I truly value having my clients well informed and connected as to what is happening, the moment that it does.

I understand I need respond to client inquiries extremely fast today as the market doesn’t wait, and neither will you.

What’s happening with homes for sale in Hamilton and Burlington?

If you’re my interested client – you will know!

On top of having High – Level Organization (bless my Virgo star sign), I pride my self in Negotiating, and Problem Solving Expertise.

The entire real estate transaction is about solving problems.

Negotiations involve putting together pieces of a puzzle between Buyers and Sellers that make the impossible, possible.

I thank Remax Escarpment for having the available resources to solve any issue that arises.

In today’s climate, negotiations can be fast-paced and complicated. Whether buying or selling, consumers should expect their agents to know how to craft an offer that will get serious consideration.

I understand how to present an offer package that is organized, compelling and easy for the listing agent and sellers to understand, and together we will effectively strategize approaches and tactics that will have the best success. 

I know when to walk away, rather then letting it play out.

Numerous showings and multiple offers are the new normal in many markets across the country.

Sellers know that I will evaluate, vet and summarize offers received to help them carefully determine which have the best chance of reaching the finish line. 

Also, consumers should expect their agents to anticipate potential issues and educate them about possible risks, pitfalls and solutions for moving through these situations as they arise.

Transacting full time in the Greater Hamilton Burlington Area, I am well versed and familiar with home styles and problems, and can educate accordingly.


I paint a realistic picture for both the buyers and sellers about how best to navigate the market and not overpromise and underdeliver. 

Buyers can expect me to educate them on market data as they conduct their search process so they can adjust accordingly.

Lastly, my clients knot I will not hold back when they ask me how to craft an offer that could get serious consideration over others and have a strong chance of getting accepted.

I know that buying a house in the GTA, Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario these days can be mentally exhausting, even defeating.

I understand that frazzled clients want to look to their agents to be the guiding force amid uncertain situations while exuding empathy for what they are going through.

You don’t want an agent who functions as an unemotional robot that conveys a sense of annoyance or arrogance about whatever the situation is at hand, whether that agent is writing their first or 21st offer on behalf of the client.

Emotional Intelligence is an important quality in this complex and fast moving GTA real estate market.

Having been a Director for the Realtors Association of Hamilton-Burlington for almost 4 years, not only do I understand what Leadership is, means, and does, but I execute leadership in my business, volunteering and personal life.

I want to enlighten, inform and educate you in ways you cannot get from the internet or friends’ and family’s armchair advice.

I am truly looking forward to getting to know you and your family, and helping you reach the next chapter of your life in Real Estate.

Thank you for thinking of me, Stephanie Pinet from The Realty Deal & Remax Escarpment, when you want to buy, sell or invest in a house in Burlington, Hamilton and surrounding areas!

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