The Buying Process

Here are the key steps in the process:

1. Find a great agent!

Do your homework online of potential agents in your area. Interview them! Ask them key questions like what their List to Purchase Price Ratio is. Know about what kind of support they have from their team and brokerage to provide you with the resources you need.
We commit to continuing our clients education and knowledge before, during and after The Buying Process. From the initial consultation, searching for a home, to negotiating, and corresponding with other professionals, we strive to always keep you an informed, educated consumer.

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2. Get pre-qualified for a mortgage

Sit down with your financial advisor or mortgage agent to discuss your personalized financing options.  They will help you establish your financial comfort zone, enabling you to search for properties that you can afford (which saves time) and offer you attractive mortgage rates and terms.
Ensure that when you choose a mortgage agent to work with, you should intend to build a lasting relationship with them, or at least have them understand your short and long term financial goals, so you can plan your financial future properly.
Connect with our incredible mortgage specialists for your pre-approval & wealth building consultation.

3. Establish search criteria

We will help you determine your wish list in terms of location, price range and features and will search homes (online and in person) that match your criteria. A great understanding of your needs will streamline the process of narrowing down ‘The One’.

4. Find your perfect home

Let’s go see some suitable properties. We will take you to see some active listings, including those listed with other companies. We will notify you when new homes hit the market that match your criteria, or when there are price reductions in your current homes of interest.
You will quickly gain market knowledge about your desired neighbourhoods. We will soon find you the perfect property.

5. Put in an Offer

Once you find a property that you would to put an offer in on, we will prepare the paperwork to reflect your needs in terms of Price, Closing Date, Inclusions and Conditions.

6. Negotiations 

We will present the offer on your behalf and strategize a negotiation method suitable for the circumstances. Once we prepare a reasonable agreement to present to the Seller, they will either accept your conditions and timelines, price and closing date, or counter offer with another price/terms, if not, sign nothing back at all. If an agreement is met, and you have conditions to fulfill, you have conditionally purchased a home! If you brought a ‘clean offer’ free of conditions, and to a price agreeable to the Seller, start making moving plans for your closing date!

7. Conditional Period

If your contract is conditional upon obtaining a home inspection or being approved for a mortgage, or another agreeable condition, we will then hire the necessary professionals required to meet your conditions. We will put you in touch with experienced local tradesmen and professionals. Check out our directory here!

8. Firming Up 

Once we have completed the actions required from your conditions (obtaining a home inspection or getting confirmation you can qualify for a mortgage etc), we will hand the necessary paperwork into your Seller’s Representative, stating you are comfortable moving forward with the purchase, and ‘firm up’ on the property!

8. Pre Moving Arrangements 

Prior to closing, you will arrange for a moving company, as well as telephone, heating and electrical service for your new home. Your lawyer will also complete a title search on the property to ensure it is free and clear of any liens or encumbrances. Your lawyer should provide you with information about pre closing arrangements.

9. Paperwork

On or close to closing day, you will meet with your lawyers to sign off on the documents and receive the keys to your new house!

10. Move in and celebrate!

Let’s talk about how to make your real estate goals come true!

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