The Orchard

At a Glance

The Neighbours

Young – Mid Sized Families. Empty Nesters. Young Professionals.

What to Expect

School is around the corner. Amenities Nearby. Close to your neighbours. Newer Homes. Your choice of Condo, Townhouse or Detached Home.

The Lifestyle

Walk your kids to school. Hop on the Highway. Grab groceries at the corner. Pick up kids from after school activities. Dinner at home. Easy access to errands, parks and kids sports on the weekend.

What Not To Expect

Avoiding School Zones. Mature Tree Lined Roads. Yours kid walking backwards & uphill to school an hour each day in the snow.

What You’ll Love

Close to Amenities and Schools. Grab a drink at the corner. Quiet Neighbourhood. Newer Homes. Stroll to the nearby Park.


The Orchard is located in the northeast corner of Burlington, surrounded by Bronte Creek Provincial Park on the east, Upper Middle Road on the south, Appleby Line on the west and Dundas Street on the north.

This is a green website. Stephanie Pinet has planted
trees so far. Hosted on a renewable energy server.