Contact Numbers to Have in case of an Emergency

In the event of an emergency at home, one of the first things you will need to find quickly will be important phone numbers. These numbers are very easily forgotten in the chaos of a situation!

Rather than frantically searching stacks of papers or googling online, keeping them all in an easy to reach location is a good way to minimize some of your stress.

Remember: We have a whole database of local tradesmen and professionals that we would recommend!

Below is a general list of the most important phone numbers homeowners will need in the event of an emergency.

Personal Contacts

  • Family Members
    • Mom, Dad, Siblings, Grandparents, Aunts/ Uncles
    • Home and Work
  • Neighbours
  • Close Friends


  • Plumber
  • HVAC
  • Electrician
  • Pest Control


  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Cable/Phone
  • Water/Sewer
  • Trash
  • Cell Phone Provider


  • Police
  • Ambulance
  • Fire Department
  • Township/County City Hall
  • Animal Control
  • Hospital
  • Poison Control (there is also a poison control number for pets)
  • Doctors
    • Your Family Practitioner
    • Specialists
    • Prescriptions
    • Optometrist
  • Veterinarian
  • Dentists
  • Insurance (Homeowners and Auto)


  • School/ Daycare
  • Bank
  • Credit Card Companies


Write it out, or type out a list of these important contact numbers! On refrigerators, inside cabinet doors, and in the home office are all good places to hang the information.

As a secondary location, programming these numbers in your cell phone is helpful if you are not able to access your home during an emergency.

Note: Laminating sheets or placing them in a plastic protector sleeve will keep the list in good condition. Be sure and go over the numbers once or twice a year to ensure they are up-to-date.

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