5 Best Neighbourhoods for Walking your Dog in Hamilton

I just got my first puppy this fall – Howie!

I already love him to death and am having a great time exploring the City by foot.

2019 was a year of change for me and I also bought a house in Kirkendall!

So let’s start there because boy did I get lucky with the walkability of this area!

  1. Kirkendall

Kirkendall has proven to be a fabulous area to go for a walk with Howie.

We live so close to Hill St dog park, we usually end our walks there.

Hill St Dog Park is great! I always meet friendly people and pups, and both Howie and I enjoy our time there. It’s big, clean (albeit muddy), and steps away from our new home – score!

The other dog park nearby is Cathedral Park, which is right by the highway and of course has an epic view of the Cathedral.

Some say there should be a smaller section blocked off for miniature dogs, because it’s biiiiig!

Another reason I love walking in Kirkendall is Locke St S. There’s always dogs cruising around, and I usually always meet one outside of Starbucks where Howie and I sometimes walk for our morning coffee.

Locke St is of course a highlight of Hamilton, so it’s super sweet walking up and down, window shopping and watching people talk and laugh in the many great restaurants and boutiques.

2. Lisgar

Okay, I’m biased to Lisgar because it’s where I just moved from haha. Let me tell you – it has sooo much greenspace!

From my house, I could easily walk to 3 different schools with massive parks, the Mountain Brow Trail that looks onto Hamilton and has the Kenilworth stairs connected, AND Albion Falls!

It’s a dog walkers paradise!

You can choose the beautiful paved path overlooking Kings Forest Golf Course, or take the trails around Albion Falls and enjoy the rugged nature scene.

There’s always people playing in the parks with their dogs, and even though they may not be off leash (shhh), there’s parks so big (like Lisgar elementary), that there’s room for everyone to play (fetch).

Lisgar is a family friendly neighbourhood with a ton of greenspace for those who like a bit of outdoor adventure!

3. Mountview

Mountview, on the West Hamilton Mountain (the little sister of Ancaster), is nestled on the edge of the Escarpment, with some Bold views.

Cliffview park has a trail that hugs the Escarpment, with epic views of Dundas Valley. There’s waterfalls, cliffs, and you can head all the way down the mountain to Chedoke Golf Course.

Hang a right and take a lovely walk or bike down the mountain through the forest.

Head left at the top trail and you’ll walk through the lovely forest, with a large, flat path, or deeper in the forest with tinier trails that feels like quite the adventure!

Mountview also has Scenic Park which is probably one of the biggest parks in Hamilton. They not only have heaps of soccer and softball fields, but tonsss of room to run around in the hydro field! Sometimes you’ll get lucky and see some deer – but be careful of coyotes if your dog is off leash. They’re around.

4. Strathcona

Strathcona is near Dundurn Castle, to give you an idea. West Hamilton, north of Kirkendall near the water.

Near the water is what makes this place so special.

You can spend time on the trail that passes through Dundurn Castle, that’s very well kept and spans over the bridge to Burlington!

Or you can head down to the Pier and visit the waterfront parks like Bayfront & Pier 4. (not off leash but you can grab a coffee at Williams to keep you occupied 🙂

A neat circuit might be to cut up James St N if you want the city vibe.

That’s whats cool about Strathcona – you can feel like you’re a million miles away from people exploring the grounds of Dundurn Castle, or you can visit the hustle bustle of city streets, and the high energy waterfront parks.

5. Corktown

The Rail Trail Dog Park is a popular place for people with furry friends.

Corktown is a cool ‘hood that I find a lot of Torontonians gravitating too. Along with neighbouring Stinson, which has more detached housing options.

I bought a condo in Corktown this year and got to know the area even better.

There’s 5 parks in Corktown, including the Rail Trail Dog Park!
It’s one of the greenest neighbourhoods in the city, and if you have a dog, it’s perfectly reasonable to live in a condo in Corktown and still have access to parks galore for your pup.

If you’re thinking of Moving to Hamilton, ask Stephanie what neighbourhood might fit your lifestyle!

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