Home Safety Tips

Clean Housekeeping

  • Regularly Disinfect all High Touch Surfaces
  • Wash Window Coverings and Couch Cushions Seasonally
  • Use Green Friendly Solvents and Cleaning Products
  • Keep things within comfortable reach

Tidy up the Floors

  • Avoid Tripping Hazards
  • Clear Clutter
  • Stow Cables

Home Fire Safety

  • Set a Timer when you’re cooking
  • Don’t leave the kitchen while you’re cooking
  • Wear tight clothes when cooking
  • Monitor lit candles and put on non-flammable surface

Eliminate Electrical Hazards

  • Replace damaged wires and cords
  • Use extension cords and avoid over loading plugs
  • Use nationally recognized products
  • Don’t use faulty appliances

Have the Necessities

  • A first aid kit complete with band-aids, gauze, anti-bacterial wipes, eye patches, pain-reliever, etc.
  • Medicines for common ailments such as upset stomach or colds
  • Inhalers, if necessary
  • Emergency numbers for contacts, doctors, hospitals or poison control centers
  • Anything else that may be necessary for the unique needs in your home

Practice Safe Habits

  • Teach your Children
  • Openly talk about risks

Food Safety

  • Sanitize your food after the grocery store
  • Wash fruit and vegetables for 20 seconds minimum
  • Thoroughly thaw frozen food
  • Wash raw meat
  • Use thermometers
  • Thoroughly wash utensils

Thinking of Selling Your Home?

Here are some things here at Remax Escarpment that we are doing to protect your home and family, while Selling your Home, Safely.

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