How Do I Buy a House?

This might be your First Real Estate Purchase. If so, Congratulations on beginning to Grow Your Wealth through Real Estate!
Whether this is your First House, or your Third, Buying a Home can be Confusing and Daunting.
But Fear Not! With the Proper Market Knowledge, Education of the Buying Process, and Working with the Right Power Team, you are setting yourself up for a Transaction that will be Educational, and Enjoyable, with YOU in the Driver’s Seat.


Before any Action is taken, some Reflection should be given.Are you sure Moving is your Best option? Before you reach out to a Realtor or Mortgage Broker to get your Home Search Started, really ask yourself if Moving is the best Decision Financially, Physically, and Mentally. Maybe you have to move, fair enough, life happens and you’ve got to do what is best for your Family and Future.



Every single Real Estate transaction I experience with my Clients, is different. They Move for Different reasons, they want different things in a Home and Community, and they’re attracted to different features and finishes of homes. Everyone is Unique and has different Life Goals. Reflect on yours and decipher if Moving is want you really want, or need to move forward with.

Hopefully the thought of Moving makes you EXCITED! 

If you’ve weighed the Pro’s and Con’s of Moving, take the Next Steps..



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This Includes:

  • Saving enough Money for a Down Payment
  • Having a Good-Great Credit Score (to help you Qualify for a Mortgage)
  • Figure out what you want in a Home (and what you don’t want)

Which leads into a couple of the most Important Aspects of Buying a Home…

  1. Getting Pre Qualified for a Mortgage
  2. Choosing a Realtor to help you in your Home Search
*** Choosing a Power Team who is RESULTS Orientated, with a Positive Mental Attitude, Friendly, Productive and Willing to Share Information is SO Important! You want to KNOW who you’re working with, LIKE them enough to be around them for a couple of months, and TRUST them enough to solidify the Perfect Home for you and your Family.***


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Knowing the Process will enable you to Know What to Expect throughout the segments of your Real Estate Transaction.


In Simple Terms:
  • You Figure out what you want in a Home
  • Go Shopping with your Realtor
  • Put in an Offer and Negotiate with the Seller’s Agent to get an Accepted Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • Take a week or so and do your Due Diligence on the Home (Inspection), and make sure you can obtain a mortgage on the property (financing condition)
  • Your Accepted Offer will either ‘Fall through’ (because you couldn’t get financing, or the Home Inspection Tanked, or you couldn’t get Financing), or “Firm Up”, and you’re happy to move forward and close on the Property.
  • Wait Until Closing Date, set up your Utilities and Mortgage in the Meantime
  • Move In!


That is my VERY condensed version of what is Involved in the Buying Process.. but don’t worry, I will be here to Hold your Hand and make sure you understand every step of the way!



Of Course you are going to be Nervous, and have Questions along the way, and that is what I am here for. I am Passionate about Helping People Buy Homes, so Reach out ANYTIME, and Ask me Anything about Buying or Selling a Home!   905.630.8255

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