How’s the Market?

March 1 2021

2020 wasn’t an easy year, and Sellers are (still) having an easier time than Buyers this year.

The average price for residential properties across the Hamilton-Burlington Area was $848,719 which was up 7.7% from last month and up 29.5% from February 2020.

The Average Sale Price in 2020 was $646, 667.

Yes, a 200k increase in residential home values since February 2020.

The number of active listings available at the end of the month was 44.1%, lower than the previous period in 2020.

The lack of homes for sale, is making it difficult to buy a house in the GTA.

Most homes are holding back offers to create a bidding war, so there are new homes sold and listed every week.

Homes could be listed and available for showings for 2 – 7 days before they look at offers.

It’s not uncommon for homes to sell 100k, 150k + over asking the asking price, with 5 – 40 Buyer offers.

What is driving the home buying demand in the Hamilton Burlington Area?

  • Exodus to the Suburbs. Gaining popularity to have a backyard and be out of the city. Aka Toronto Buyers
  • Low Interest Rates
  • Lack of Housing Supply
  • Household Savings from less spending
  • Life Changes

Are you thinking of Buying?

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I am usually recommending to Sellers, to Buy a Home, before they Sell.

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If you have been thinking about Moving, this could be the best market to cash out in!

Let’s talk about how to make your next best move.

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