January Home To Do List

It’s a New Year! Time to start fresh… “Out with the old, in with the new!”.
Cleaning your house will give you the energy and clear head space to start your year off positively.
Make the most of this month and set yourself up for a dream inspired year!

Things To Do in an Hour or Less

Clean out the Fridge. Half eaten whatever, old sauces, dirty veggie shelf. Take EVERYTHING out and spray and wipe the inside and outside. This goes for your pantry too!

Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
 ‘Tis the season to use your fireplace and cook up some cozy meals. It’s a perfect time to make sure you’re keeping your family safe. Use the test button on each device, and change batteries as needed.

Clean your desk. I work from home, so it’s easy to keep compiling paperwork and whatever else pops on my desk. I recently cleaned out my files and the surfae of my desk and DAMN it feels good! I’m ready for a Super productive 2018 with my clear mind!

Organize the board games. Bad weather keeps us indoors this month, and maybe your New Years Resolution is LESS TV! Put games your family no longer enjoys aside to give away, and put the rest back neatly.

Organize cold-weather accessories. Where did you stash your warm scarves, socks and hats from last winter? Time to put them somewhere you can grab them with wet boots on! Organize your sock drawer, hooks and foyer closets/baskets so everyone knows where to find their own cold weather gear.

Edit your Bookshelf. Take off the books, dust off the ol shelf, and donate those books you would love someone else to enjoy.

Calm your Bedside Table. After a while, your bedside table can get a bit grimey. Try taking every off and out of there and giving it a good wipe down to get rid of water marks and rings. Place a few favourite bedside reads and make it a peaceful place to relax and enjoy.

Tackle These Tasks Over a Weekend

Clean Closet Clutter. If you were too busy playing outside to do some Spring Cleaning, now is a great time to sift through the boxes and tupperwares full of sweaters and choose which ones to donate, or wear. This goes for Foyer Closets, Guest Room Closets and your Basement too! Tackle one room at a time for your own sanity.

Protect pipes from freezing. A few winters ago my Dad bought a house, and the next winter when he was on vacation (with me), his pipes froze and BURST, causing over $60,000 of damage to his floors and walls (and everything else). PREPARE yourself and make sure your outdoor pipes are insulated, and turn off your exterior taps. If you’re going away, ask a neighbour to turn your water to trickle, and stop by every couple of days. It’s also a great idea to know where your homes water shut off valve is in case of a leak.

Refresh play spaces. Your little ones will be spending more time indoors during the winter, so make sure they keep themselves occupied in a safe space. You can try adding chalk to a wall, tumbling mat to the basement floor or maybe make a tent or tepee! Have fun with it!


Take down holiday decorations, and store them properly. Take the time to store your decor with care. You will thank yourself next year! Wrap delicate ornaments well with tissue paper, wrap string lights around card board and consider donating some old ornaments! If you enjoy those cute twinkle lights, leave them up for a while longer!

TLC for your Indoor Plants. I have a jungle in my house, I love plants! My house gets somewhat dry in the winter, so I’ll add a humidifier around some plants, and spray them with water routinely.

Knock heavy snow from tree branches. Heavy coatings of snow can cause tree limbs to break — which can be especially dangerous if a large limb is positioned near your home. Using a long-handled broom or rake, gently knock snow from branches after each storm.

Give in to the urge to hibernate. It’s winter, we live in Canada. Embrace it! Make a cozy spot to snuggle and read or watch a movie. Sip on hot cocoa or tea with some extra cozy socks and just relax 🙂


Maintenance and Extras to Budget for This Month 

Protect your Flooring. Put down waterproof mats or trays in your foyer or mud room, and make sure there’s extra towels to clean up a wet spot. Keep a shoe brush or scraper around the front door. Try keep it dry!

Take steps to prevent ice dams. Ice dams are areas of built-up ice that can accumulate around your roof line, causing leaks when the backed-up snow behind them begins to melt. Using a roof rake, remove snow after each storm. And, if you notice an ice dam beginning to form (and if you can safely reach the area), break it up now to prevent future damage.

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