Secrets to staging a home with kids

Selling a home when the family is still living there is no easy task. Keeping the property ready to show takes time and a lot of effort on the side of the homeowners. But if there are children involved, it is even harder.
If you are selling your home (or considering it) and you have children, this article will help you with the daunting job of staging your home when little ones are involved.

Staging your home is a great advantage as a seller. It gives potential buyers a better understanding of the space available, as well as the various possibilities on how to utilize it. No idea where to begin? Here is a step by step list of what to do.

Get rid of the clutter

When preparing to sell your home, and consequentially moving to another one, you are presented with a great opportunity to get rid of all things you no longer have use to. Instead of doing it only when you are moving, do it before you put your property on the market.

Any furniture that serves no purpose must go. This means tossing the dinning chair your kid has not used in two years, for example. Sometimes it is difficult for parents to get rid of items their children no longer use, as they carry sentimental value. But you must keep in mind that objects are just physical reminders of memories you will carry forever.

Keep every room generic

When staging your home, you must give each room a purpose. In order to do this, the dining room can no longer serve as a playroom nor the kitchen table as a homework station. It is important to tastefully decorate every room, even if that makes your day to day activities a bit harder. After all, you are presenting a product and people need to feel the desire to make the space their own.
Another important aspect is depersonalizing the property. Photos and the kid’s artwork must be tidied away.

Find storage options

Keeping every room well-ordered when you have children is a never-ending battle.
If you want a fighting chance you need to get creative when it comes to storage.
A great way to keep your kid’s toys out of sight is, for example, keeping it in a storage unit under their bed.

Reward Them!

Treat your kids if they’ve kept up with their chores, and cleaning up after themselves. Ask Stephanie for her Kid’s Contract that your children can sign, so they feel included and can learn from the Selling Process as well!

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