You may have considered Staying in your Home, and realized that:

  • Renovating for your current needs can be timely, and a large project that may be un desirable and confusing to take on.
  • You will still be paying your large monthly bills of property taxes, exterior/ interior maintenance and utilities.
  • Still too many stairs…
  • You don’t need as much space for your family as you thought.

What is My House Worth?

    Downsizing is such an important transition. The motivation to move is usually clear…

    Maybe the kids have left the house, home maintenance is getting too much to handle, or you have acquired a second property, spending less time in your primary residence.
    We are here to help you enjoy the benefits of downsizing, while growing your wealth. We understand it can be an emotional process, and help make the process clear and strategic.
    Downsizing can be a heavy hearted decision. Most people have lived in their family home for quite a while, so we know how emotional this move may be. Then again, there are lots of fine folks who have been mentally preparing to move for years and are finally ready to get moving to their next chapter!
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