How Realtors Help

1.  Buying Homes Is Their Specialty

Unless you’re also working in the real estate market, it’s a sure bet that an agent will know more about the home buying and selling process, and local options than you will. They’ll know how to handle all the paperwork, know how to explain legalities, and they’ll have experience with the negotiating that occurs during the buying process.

Stephanie is immersed in the happening’s of the local real estate market in the Hamilton & Burlington area. She is experienced with both buyers and sellers and works with them  in very specific ways, targeting goals and needs of her clients. If she’s caught representing on both ends, she has a team of experienced agents to assist you with representing your best interests on the buying end.

2. Agents Are Better At Finding Houses

Sure, the internet has made it easier to find homes without an agent, but if you want access to the best up-to-date information about a specific local market, it’s still beneficial to consult a professional.

A huge portion of a real estate agent’s job is to educate themselves on the homes for sale in certain area, as well as other aspects that might be important, like school systems, crime rates, and future outlook. It will probably save you a lot of time with an agent that’s naturally adjusting your search results for every minor concern versus sifting through endless pages of listings online.

Lots of the time, customer based real estate websites like and other property finder sites will not have updated information like availability and price. By working with Stephanie she will be in constant contact with listings that hit the market and price reductions of your favourite homes.

3. Agents Are Trained Negotiators

You might be great at winning arguments, but the negotiations that come with purchasing a home are a completely different beast than what you’re probably used to. Unless you have a high level of knowledge about the real estate industry, you’re going into battle without the proper gear.

A real estate agent that has spent their professional career educating themselves firsthand on various buying and selling tactics in the housing market is going to be a much better negotiator than you, especially when it comes to playing hardball. Unless you’re extremely confident in your skills, it might be best to have a professional on your side. After all, the sellers probably will.

Stephanie is as strong on the negotiating table as she is on the ice. Many tactical strategies and approaches will be consulted with you and displayed at the times it’s most crucial.

4. An Agent Helps Protect You

With so much knowledge about homes and the local housing market, a good real estate agent will know exactly what to look out for to make sure their clients aren’t getting taken advantage of. For example, what small problems exist now that may resurface as larger problems later? What needs to go into the home purchase contract? Are second opinions needed with an appraisal or home inspection?

You wouldn’t buy a used car without getting it checked out by an expert first, so why would you buy a home without consulting someone who knows what they’re talking about? Obviously a real estate agent won’t be the one crawling underneath the floorboards checking for mould and leaky pipes, but they’ll be able to connect you with other professionals that can help.

Stephanie is connected to all necessary home related services, and knows the local experts. Ask her who her top tradesmen are!

5. They know homes

Active agents are in and out of homes day in and day out. We see numerous inspections, environmental factors, home types and areas, and everything from eat off the floor to keep your shoes on kind of homes. We’ve compared a lot of different properties. I know why a home will sell, and how to sell it in any market. For numerous tips from home decor to maintenance, follow my pages!

Having an agent on your team is a solid way to ensure you’ve covered all of the legalities of home purchasing before signing a contract. It can be worth it for some peace of mind, and some saved coin at the end of the day.


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