The Selling Process


1. Deciding to sell

Consider what is happening in the broader market and what is best for your particular situation. Also decide if you are better off buying a new home before or after you sell your current home. The market dictates in ever changing favours. Have me decipher your most strategic sales plan according to the current market, and consider your personal situation by assessing your future home, your long term goals and your bottom line. Consult your accountant to ensure a sound decision, and prepare for the wheels in motion.

2. Choosing an Agent

Your Realtor will be in charge of advertising, showing and completing the legal requirements of selling your property, and corresponding with you, and everyone involved in the selling process, so choose carefully. Find out more about choosing an agent here. I am not the only agent involved in your home selling process. You will require your chosen mortgage agent to consult your options with, keep your insurance agent in the loop with your moving plans, and have a lawyer revise your legal documents. I have a few great agents that I work with and would be happy to recommend them to you. Contact me so I can put you in touch with my knowledgeable partners and prove my value through displaying my unique services to you as your preferred Realtor.

3. How you want to sell

Next, you and your agent will work out a plan for listing, showing and selling your property. I have an extensive marketing plan that includes exposing your property all over the web, and local marketplace. We will also arrange times which you are able to show your home. The market may dictate urgency, but we will accommodate your schedule from the beginning, keeping you informed every step of the way. RE/MAX Escarpment has a call centre who efficiently book showings for potential buyers so we know exactly who is going in your house, and who will arrange access with you. Marketing, Safety and Organization are all all professionally determined and understood.

4. Putting together an agreement

Determining your selling price and property inclusions is crucial to the core negotiations of this process. Your property’s location, size, age and features will be assessed, as will the current market and area trends. I will provide you with a Comparative Property Analysis which will show you the movement in your neighbourhood and on your street. This will give some insight on what comparative homes have sold for recently, and a good price range of your homes worth.

Another document to include is an agreement with your agent, Yours Truly. I will walk you through the documentation and ensure a comprehensive breakdown of the commission, estimated sale price, duration of agreement and costs of this legally binding contract. However, if you don’t feel that our relationship is working out, you are free to cancel our agreement at any time. I have a team of experienced Realtors that I work with everyday and would trust my clients in their hands, so we may be able to find someone you gel with and get the deal done.

5. Advertise and show your property

Before your home hits the market, we are going to bring in our professional photographer to ensure a positive first impression for home buyers. Great photos will generate showings, as will the online ads and the MLS listing that we create for you. We will ensure that your home is ready to show and execute our advertising campaign for your home. We have more advertising for your home then absolutely any other Realtor. If you think of a way to advertise, I’ll try it!

6. It’s time to go on the market!

Prospective buyers will contact your agent and arrange times to view your property, or attend your open homes. These times and dates will have been previously determine for proper planning, as well as details like (lockbox, turning the lights off, leaving a card, what day open houses will be one, and other showing instructions). Depending on the market and your pricing strategy, showings will occur and we will converse often on how the prosperity of the listing.

7. Sale and Negotiation

Congratulations! A buyer has decided to put an offer in on your home, maybe you have even obtained a few offers that we will consider. I will negotiate on your behalf with the buyers agent to discuss terms and come to a mutually accepted price. The buyer will then pay a deposit and we will wait until their conditions are met until we can have a firm deal.

8. Conditional period

The buyer’s offer may have been conditional upon arranging financing, an inspection of your home, the sale of their house, or other conditions. Once the conditions have been executed, both seller and buyer’s lawyers and banks will work out the details of the sale to ensure both parties meet all legal and financial requirements. Upon confirmation, you will have a firm offer of sale, and start packing!

9. On Closing day

You will relinquish the keys and legal rights to your property in exchange for the balance of payment from the buyer or their bank.

Congratulations, you have sold your home!


We at The Realty Deal are local real estate professionals who are happy and capable of assisting and educating you before, during and after The Selling Process.
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