What do I need for a Mortgage Pre-Approval?

First things first. You are going to go to your mortgage agent from the bank or an independent mortgage brokerage, and ask them what documents they need you to provide them with to complete a mortgage pre-approval application for you. Different lenders may require different documents, and this post’s content is just an outline of what to expect.

Secondly, get another opinion! In fact, get 3! One mortgage agent may give you a better rate then another, and the third may offer better terms. Like anything, shop around and find yourself an all-encompassing mortgage package that works for you. Keep in mind, you haven’t bought a house yet so nothing is set in stone with this agent. You can obtain the pre-approval for free, and choose to get your mortgage through that agent or not, when you actually find a house you love. Don’t have a mortgage consultant in mind?

Ask me who my favourite top 3 local mortgage agents are! 
Here are some documents you should expect your mortgage agent to request:


– Completed, signed and dated application forms (attached)

– Photo ID – Licence, Passport, Permanent Residency or Citizenship Card

(NOTE: Health Cards cannot be used)



Not all of the below will apply to your situation.

For clients who are employees (salaried or hourly)

– 2 recent pay stubs for each job

– Notice of Assessment for  2013 + 2014

– T4 Statements for 2013 + 2014

– Job letter – Please order it now. We understand they can take some time to get from HR and its ok to send these in later than the other listed items. The letter should confirm position, status (e.g. full-time, part time, seasonal) length of employment, salary or if you are on a wage it should confirm what your hourly rate is and what your guaranteed hours are.

For clients who are employees on contract

– Copy of the contract.

– Current Letter from employer re-confirming contract details

– Proof of historical renewal of contract and/or guaranteed future renewal of contract.

– Personal T1 Generals 2012 + 2013 + 2014

– Personal Notice of Assessments 2012 + 2013 (+2014 if you have it)

For clients who are self-employed

– If a sole proprietor please provide a copy of a Business Licence

– If a company please provide a copy of the Articles of Incorporation

– Personal T1 Generals 2012 + 2013 + 2014

– Personal Notice of Assessments 2012 + 2013 (+2014 if you have it)

For clients who receive a company or government pension

– T4As for all pensions received 2012 + 2013 + 2014

– 4 months recent bank account history showing the pension being deposited

– Personal Notice of Assessments 2012 + 2013 (+2014 if you have it)



If you own property (including principal residence, cottages or rentals), we will need information about that property. This includes any property that you have co-signed on or any property you may intend on selling before your new purchase. See the “Existing Property Information” form included in the attached application package. Print that page as many times as needed i.e. if you own 4 properties print 4 times. 

Please send the following:

– Current Mortgage Statement or Home Equity Line of Credit Statement

– Current Property Tax Statement

– If property is rented, please provide copy of leases and lease renewals if original lease has expired.



– Copy of the Separation/Divorce agreement.

This will confirm if any spousal support or child support is paid out or received.


Required Mortgage Documents

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